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Vapour blasting (also known as Aqua Blasting, or Wet Blasting) is a non-abrasive cleaning process especially suited to Classic and Vintage Lambretta and Vespa Scooter engine and other aluminium component restoration. This Wet Blast cleaning process leaves non-ferrous metals with an as new satin finish - excellent results are achieved on aluminium, magnesium, bronze, titanium, brass, copper and some plastics.

All Vapour Blast components are requested to be reasonably degreased and stripped of all bearings, seals and old gaskets. This we can do ourselves at an additional cost to the Vapour Blasting process.

Our British made Vixen 1215 Vapour Blast cabinet comes highly recommended. Vixen are a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality cleaning equipment, with a well established customer base including Triumph Motorcycles, Redbull F1, Kawasaki and Jaguar Land Rover.

Lambretta engine vapour blasted clean
Vespa T5 Vapour Blasted
Lambretta brake hub Vapour Blast
Vespa Scooter Cylinder Head Vapour Blasted
Vespa SS180 Vapour Blasted clean
Lambretta engine and hub Vapour Blasted
Vespa Scooter hub Vapour Blasted
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