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  • Reduces Contact Fatigue - a smoother surface causes less friction

  • Increased engine & gearbox acceleration

  • Average 10% reduction in gearbox temperature

  • Stronger, faster, cooler running - a smoother surface makes components run cooler, faster and longer

  • Up to 300% Increased durability - Less wear on your components making them more durable

  • Superfinishing to 0.03ra - consistent and accurate close tolerance finish


Superfinished components optimises the performance and durability for your engine & gearbox components. Reduce contact fatigue so components run cooler, faster and for longer.


Superfinishing, or ceramic polishing of components is ideal for Classic Vespa and Lambretta gearboxes and engine components. The process of Super-finishing reduces friction and vibration and therefore reduces power loss through transmission, for increased performance of components and durability, along with reduction of temperature.

Superfinishing, sometimes referred to as micro-polishing has become a normal feature to many engine and gearbox components within Motorsport. Vespa and Lambretta gearboxes in particular are increasingly over stressed with ever more powerful kits. The benefits of Super-finishing even road going Classic Scooter gearboxes, will reduce friction and vibration while increasing durability and component longevity. 

Superfinishing benefits:

  • produces smoother surfaces and therefore less friction and reducing power loss through transmission

  • allows engines to run cooler, faster and for longer by reducing drag and resisting fatigue cracks

  • increases component life and durability due to less wear 

  • produces consistent and accurate close tolerance finished to 0.03Ra

  • increases gear and other component performance, producing a smoother gear change 

  • produces a highly polished appearance

  • allows reduced running-in time​

FWD Italian Connection Superfinished gear boxes have proven an effective upgrade in some of the most competitive and hardest ridden Scooters in the BSSO Scooter Racing paddock.


Vespa & Lambretta 4 speed Gearbox Superfinished - £145

Vespa & Lambretta 5 speed Gearbox Superfinished - £150

Crank shafts and primary gears Superfinished - POA

Scooter gears micro-polished
Scooter racing gearbox super-finished
Vespa ET3 Superfinished Gearbox components
Vespa gearbox components Superfinished
Classic Vespa Scooter gearbox super finished
Scooter Gear superfinished (ceramic polished)
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