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Cerakote Ceramic Coating is an extremely durable high performance coating, unmatched in scratch, chip, corrosion and chemical resistance that withstands temperatures up to 982°C, thermal cycling and thermal shock.


Long lasting corrosion protection - against exposure to winter road salts and de-icing solutions and extreme heat cycles.

Extreme durability - Cerakote’s resistance to scratching, rock chipping and abrasion make it ideal for high wear areas where other finishes wear quickly.


High performance on tight tolerance applications - Cerakote’s thin-film properties make it ideal for those parts that are exposed to harsh environments.

Example Prices:

Vespa/Lambretta expansion type exhausts from £120

Cerakote Burnt bronze Lammy
Cerakote black Vespa exhaust
Lambretta exhaust before, during and after the high temperature Cerakote Ceramic Coating process...
Lambretta Exhaust before Cerakote

Lambretta Exhaust after only 500 miles use 

Cerakote ceramic coating on Lambretta exhaust after blasting and before Cerakote

Lambretta exhaust after blasting, before Cerakote application

Cerakote ceramic coating on Lambretta exhaust after Cerakote

Lambretta exhaust after Black Cerakote Ceramic Coating

Black and burnt bronze Lambretta engine and flywheel Cerakote Ceramic Coated
Lambretta AF Rayspeed exhaust blast clean and coated in Cerakote graphite black
Burnt bronze Ceramic coating on a Lambretta primary casing
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