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Ultrasonic cleaning is the best way to clean intrinsic or hidden areas of Vespa and Lambretta carburettors. This process improves both the appearance and function.


The Ultrasonic Cleaning process while cleaning the internal and external surfaces of carburettors removes fuel and other stubborn deposits. 

The Ultrasonic Cleaning Process

Pre-Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • To start the process we thoroughly degrease carbs in our solvent free heated degreaser

  • Next we dry and dismantle (if not already dismantled) and inspect for wear and degraded seals. We will inform at this point of any defects

Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • Items are placed in the Ultrasonic Cleaner - this process submerges the items in a heated cleaning solution whilst subjecting them to the Ultrasonic action which creates microscopic bubbles that implode upon themselves creating a non-abrasive cleaning action infiltrating all difficult to reach areas effectively

Post Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • We finish this process by thoroughly washing in water then blowing through ensuring all passage ways are clear and clean before warm blown air drying 


The Ultrasonic cleaning process will not remove rust or staining, this can be achieved with Vapour Blasting. Neither is it a replacement for a correct set up for carburettors, however it will give an excellent starting point to your carb’s set up.


We advise carburettors are reasonably degreased and dismantled before being brought along for Ultrasonic cleaning, however we are happy to dismantle carbs at additional cost. 


Vapour Blasting & Ultrasonic Cleaning of Carburettors - prices from

Single carb                 £60

Ultrasonic Cleaning of Carburettors Only - prices from

Single carb                 £35

Please note Ultrasonic cleaning will not remove oxidation and stains on external casings. For that as new finish we recommend that your carb is Vapour Blast prior to Ultrasonic cleaning (see combined prices above).


We welcome items received by post and on completion of cleaning will be returned by post to you P&P costs apply.


After Vapour Blasting all items will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected to ensure residual media removal. However, we cannot guarantee that there will not be any media residue left. It is the responsibility of each customer to check over their components before reassembly commences. 


After the Blasting process components are prone to corrosion and oxidation which leads to deterioration of the the final finish over time. We can treat the vapour blasted items with an inhibitor (ACF-50) if requested to prevent and delay deterioration.


The cleaning process can reveal defects such as stress fractures - FWD Italian Connection cannot accept responsibility for pre-existing damage revealed during the cleaning process.

Vespa dellorto carb Vapour blast and Ultrasonic cleaned before reassembled with new service kit
Lambretta carburettor Vapour Blast & Ultrasonic Cleaned
Lambretta/Vespa Dellorto Cerakote and Ultrasonic Cleaned
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